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The Lesser Known Mother of Mother’s Day

With the last call of the day, I realised I had the same question repeated. Did I wish my mom Mother’s Day? The previous years I remember manufacturing delightful lines and suggesting exquisite flowers for someone else to accomplish the run-of-the-mill practice. This time of the year I am left guilty for having ignored the tradition. On a lighter vein, I think my mom might complain of chest pain if I did. Not even her birthday I have, leave alone the annual child-bearer day.

When did the human race turn so mummy loving? We have one day for remembering our mothers and the rest of the days for mistreating and abusing others’? The only reason I might like this day is for the fact that at least once in a year you have these nice pictures of mom bonding. Talk of purity. I think that is the only day where on Facebook you dont find selfies and self-glorifying images. Someone else gets the spotlight. Nice. And the pictures and quotes you folks post are adorable. Not even those solo pictures induce a state of euphoria as much as a child and mother together. No pretensions and junk, just bliss.

But seriously, how come you folks so religiously remember these? Tell me more. Or did the blue book rattle the seat of emotions? 😀 You see one of the reasons this book thrives is, it makes insignificant significant, unreal real and impossible possible. It has the form of reality, but NEVER real. You can never make out things and people of value in the virtual world. Everybody appears to be so charming, kind, caring, loving, intelligent, what not. Tell me if any day of your life, they would give a second of their hour…for real. Say they would give up something to be with you or show the value of the person you are. Well, that they wont. It is easier to Like and charm people with words.

I think social media is guilty of having deluded many into falling for such cheap human values, including promulgate a mom’s day. Here everybody embraces a pattern quick. The Foundation doesn’t matter as long as there is a pillar uh . So cling on to it, why put an innocent me on dock 😀 . The only reason you knew that day exists is, you woke up one morning to find the whole world publishing quotes and posting pictures. And you wanted to appear cool too, because the world did it. Did it really matter to you in the first place? No. Our vision and goals are directed by social media impulses. You never have a thought or personality of your own. If for real the blue book had an unlike button, I would do that for all the lies and buffoonery that is being posted. Nobody knows a thing of what they post or like.

You want to buy a flower, candy…may be a card for your mother, and that is the contribution of the blue book. You want to show your participation in some protest, campaign or cause, simply giving a like. And then you can go on picking the perfect holiday destination. It makes you pretend you are intelligent when you have no clue of the mumbo jumbo you are sharing; it makes you look charming on the world’s standards, when grace is still aloof; it makes you feel you are loved and cared when we both know for real, there is none who would keeping all the selfish motives and reasons behind.

Since anyways we have a Mother’s Day, at least will you guys please stop showing how much of a great child you are, and may get a bouquet of flowers or candies to the mother who has none to wish? I mean take a break from the tradition and see if there are any abused moms, husbandless wives or those least pampered. Follow this tradition on the Mother’s Day and the rest of the 364 days, dedicate it to your mom, buy her flowers, pray for her and thank her for the gift she is. You see the problem with us is, we are a fast food generation. We are devotedly thankless people. Why? We have plenty of options and alternatives. We don’t live in the stone age. You find a replacement for everything, if not in the real world, there is the virtual. It steals the emotions and efforts of people near and dear, for instance like your mom. Some love can never be found again. It just is. Carry gratitude all the days of your life. Every day think about people who love and care for you. Remember them, bless them, pray for them.

Alright, now let us give a thought about this. Who will you wish when your mother is no more? You know when Jesus said one who does not hate his own father and mother cannot be his disciple, he wasn’t propagating ISIS agenda. But he simply wanted children to go beyond the four walls, the parochial mental make up, confined in a self-absorbed world. He was challenging the myopic attitude and reforming the diminished values, in a world so affected by violence, hatred, poverty. That is why Jesus later can be recalled saying whoever left so and so for His name, they will get a hundred more. Many more mothers, brothers, sisters, much, much more. Incidentally, I have done that many years ago, and can assert, it has not made me hate my own, but understand the value, importance and worth of what I had. And that is why I partly (not fully yet) appreciate and understand my mom more than before. We both abandoned each other long ago. And now though we talk we dont have that niceness that many enjoy. More like what Christina would say, silence appears more musical than any song. Well, not that I dont miss what many enjoy…specially to have a shoulder to sob on, what better than a mom’s.

Alright, back to the annual M day. Since the blue book has made you all emotional and think of your dear mother, may be you should also know a little on the event’s history and the founder. I never saw anyone on the blue book highlight this.

Mother’s Day began in the year 1908 with a fierce Anna Jarvis who was determined to fulfill her own mother’s dream of the recognition of a day for honoring all mothers. When Anna was 12 years old, her mother who was taking a group study told a small prayer in her presence. That day the topic was on the ‘mothers of the Bible’. Anna’s mom concluded the message with a prayer that said: “I hope that someone sometime will found a memorial mothers day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it.” And Anna remembered this prayer at her mother’s funeral. She was recalled saying that day: “by the grace of God, you shall have that Mother’s Day.”

Anna soon became a champion of civil rights and began a campaign to establish a Mother’s Day in the US. She was quite popular in churches where she taught children. Now since you think Mother’s Day is all about buying flowers and cards. The Mothers Day campaign was to bring all mothers in one place, either a community hall, church, or wherever, with an aim to educate, encourage and promote peace, in a society that was reeling under the after effects of war. With time, consumerism caught in, and Mother’s Day became so commercialized. The card and candy companies hijacked it. The founder benefited nothing, not a cent; even her final bed-ridden days were funded by well wishers. So like Christmas and New Year, Mother’s Day soon became the perfect event for corporations to enjoy record profits. You dont realise how every time you buy a flower, use a tool online..all in the name of Mother’s Day, you added money to profiteers. Talk of exploiting emotions. That is why even the blue book now has added few more emotions besides the Like button. To exploit to such extent, that today we only need a day in a year to remember our mothers.

Back to Anna. The white carnation was Anna’s favorite flower and so did the flower corporations. They too now love carnations for Mother’s Day. “The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying,” Anna is quoted saying in a 1927 interview. At least the white carnation tradition remains same, though the whole spirit of the event is lost.

Now to the best part, when Anna saw how the Mother’s Day got commercialized, she began a campaign against the greeting card and flower companies that were simply making plenty money on guilt and emotions. She led several fierce campaigns, even targeting the higher up government officials. Anna’s crusade against the candy and card industries terribly failed. Poor she, never got married and never became a mother herself. Lived her last days in absolute pain and poverty, never profiting from the event she created. When she saw how her vision got corrupted, she fought to revoke Mother’s Day. Never succeeded. She would write in her press notes, “Any charity, institution, hospital, organization, or business using Mother’s Day names, work, emblem, or celebration for getting money, making sales or on printed forms should be held as imposters by proper authorities, and reported to this association.” She encouraged folks to write letters to their moms than buy Hallmark cards with someone else’s thoughts and words.

On Mother’s Day truly Anna’s story makes me sob. The heart of the idea is lost and to worsen, we as children have a duty to wish our mothers only on one single day of the year. The rest is for our-selves. The blue book continues to instill such values, ideas and directions that stand on rootless grounds.

Dont our mothers deserve much more. In my case, though we abandoned each other long ago, we live every day with prayers and petitions to the sovereign for each other’s peace and happiness (I hope she does). My mother is a prayerful lady, and if there is one mark she has left in me it is this, to believe in the providence and sovereignty of our creator. To live every day at His mercy and grace. Only a young widow could understand it better. And indeed, every night I remember my loved ones, and my mother stays paramount. For I pray all her life may the good Lord give her peace and keep her in good health. For some day I wont have anyone to wish on Mother’s Day, but I will still keep this tradition and belief, knowing she is in safe hands.

For the parting words, it definitely should go to Anna. A fearless woman, champion of the poor, indeed a role model for our virtual, pseudo-contemporary generation. Anna, you can rest in peace, while the corporations you feared would hijack your campaign, still delights, there are few who continue the spirit of the event. In fact not just that single day, but they thankfully carry the love, warmth and memories every day.

But tell me Anna, of the day and the prayer that inspired you to start this event. What did you hear that day when your mom spoke on the ‘mothers of the Bible’? What striking features did you find in them? Did you find any role models there? Speak of the tortured Hannah who bitterly prayed and prayed with tears for a son and finally when blessed with a child, gives it back to God. What madness is this? The beautiful Rebecca who acted with kindness in drawing water for a thirsty stranger. She then offers to get water for all the camels in the midst of desert heat. Ever wondered how much a single camel drinks? Talk of patience. And that benevolent act dint end at the well. Talk of Ruth’s loyalty. And talk of the Lord’s mother who stands lovable for her innocence, obedience, self-humility, personal unworthiness. And after all that, even when the disciples fled the scene at cross, it was Mary who stood there weeping. Well, in any case Anna, these role models are antique, outdated and have no acceptance in our consumerist-dominated culture. The grace of their souls, the character in the midst of severe obstacles, love that overcomes all boundaries, doesn’t impress us anymore.

But thanks to their inspiration and your own, many mothers have at least a day spared for them. Though least recognise this contribution, some do. And we admire you for your courage and strength. At least we both have something in common. Our inspiration and goals were instilled and directed by a mother who had the same illumination.

Catch ya someday dear. No hallmark cards, no handwritten letters too, we will have plenty to talk about. Lots of tea I guess. You need to tell me the story of the Mother’s Day salad you once famously had :).

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