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Happy Easter

What’s this time? I found one. Easter!! Boy, I saw the date of my last post…say no more. You cut me deep, Shrek. You cut me very deep just now. My blog is 1900 vintage. But am sensing someone out there is still looking up to see what gibberish this time. Just like I see Facebook profile of folks when I need a laugh. It all looks very intellectual on the outside. Not surprised. 2010, I was that puffed up, self-righteous windbag that neither had eyes to see, nor ears to hear. If only I listened to Emily on how “a wounded deer leaps the highest”.

Today again I went through all of my posts, dating from 2010. I cant believe I could write such stuffs. Patriotism I call it? What an infantile thing. That shallow, jingoistic mindset, sometimes trying to be all religious, or trying to be so overtly nationalistic. They don’t even meet any standards of journalism. Yah, I would like to impress you all with a bunch of facts and out-of-the-world stuffs. For instance, did you know India has advanced a little more than 2014? Waa, and we are more civilized than before, thanks to Big Bang (I was referring the American TV series) Scored! Guess, it doesn’t matter anymore. Ive grown. Ive grown to enjoy my tea better. To ignore all the self-deceiving idiosyncrasies. Now, like I said, I don’t attempt stupidity. I just know that I am..more evidently.

From being rational to empirical to experiential, our generation now claims to be in the postmodern era. On a lighter vein, that is exactly why I no longer have those incredible India rumblings. Being postmodern you see means a lot :D. It can have no standards, no meaning, no loyalty and no direction whatsoever. Look at our people, you no longer can differentiate a boy and a girl, sense and nonsense, character and knowledge, original and fabricated. Our goals, vision and everything has been modified to match with our peers running after worthless things. We call that advancement of modern, civilized world. And we deceive ourselves to believe sky is our limit, until you drop one day, excuse me what was I doing? Well, if you never asked that, wake up and smell the Nescafe.

Coming to the point. Year by year, I see my closest friends have changed, my ideas have changed,  books have changed, philosophies have changed, my love for things have changed, but one thing time and again, just pure admiration and gripping interest: the famous carpenter of Nazareth. What of His can you refute even after 2000 years? Well it is Easter, give me the opportunity to write a thing or two. Like I said, what can you refute? His diagnosis of man’s problem is still the same: lust of flesh, lust of eyes and greed. Do you find yourself battling with anything better than those? Relax, your favorite priest too does. I believe no man but one has been born to fix the brokenness of humanity. A patch you may have found, good for you, but the panacea for it, is still not at your favourite hobby, studies, job or friends. It is too microscopic for any physical eye to see.

If you are on the side of truth, you will listen to the truth. He asks you to follow Him and takes you straight to the cross. That is one converging point of absolute injustice, hatredness, love and then forgiveness. Can you find an event better to explain all of it coming together? As illogical the cross might seem, relevant and persuading it is. I am always enchanted by the words, analogies and every detail of Christ’s life. He redefined holiness, Godliness, humanness and everything in between. I take no king and kingdom an example so close. All this shall pass, but age after age, whether pre-modern or postmodern the answer to our predicament would remain. Why have you never discovered? Well, if you ask him a question; he gives you back a question (rich ruler). But you have a problem? You will definitely have an answer (Samaritan woman).

Dont forget again, the way up is down. Look for life, joy and happiness not in places too common. Look for it where there is neither beehive nor a silver lining. It’s all in the wardrobe just like I told you…One day, you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again.

I wrap up, say no more! Lots of codes, cups of tea and Tommy waits for me. Special Easter love to all my beautiful friends in Delhi!

Adios ~